Breaking boundaries: Plone as headless CMS

Track 1

"Plone faces all the time with the struggle of keeping up with the latest modern frontend developments, new trends and the ever-evolving Javascript landscape and its ecosystem. The industry has seen a rise of the so-called headless CMSs lately. Some new kids on the block have made its appearance: Sanity, StoryBlocks, BuilderIO, Strapi, ... added to the already known ones like Contentful. The idea of ""bring your own public UI"" and use the CMS as pure commodity as a SAAS is getting more and more popular. This concept opens a whole new scenario with its own use cases and a full new range of project types and targets. Plone exposes all its features via its RESTAPI, making it a full blown headless CMS out of the box. Empowering and emphasizing Plone as a headless CMS would open the door to all these new scenarios broadening the potential reach of Plone to the industry. There are some key requirements that headless CMSs provide to their users that Plone should meet in the near future. The main one, Plone has to be able to break the self imposed boundaries, and be able to break free from them. During the talk, we will cover which are these requirements, which ones are already in the makings and which is the roadmap planned to achive this goal."

Victor Fernández de Alba