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By plane

Bilbao International Airport (BIO)

Bilbao is one of the biggest airports in northern Spain. It offers many international flight connections with Europe's most important air-hubs, such as Frankfurt, Munich, Paris or London. It is also very well connected to Madrid and Barcelona, the most important airports in Spain.

Using this airport is the most convenient way to get to the Conference by plane.

From Bilbao Airport a direct bus service connects the traveler to Eibar city center.

The bus line is DG56B Aeropuerto de Bilbao - Eibar - Bergara - Arrasate - Oñati and the bus departs from the arrivals hall. The bus company running the service is called Lurraldebus. As of today the services are run every 3 hours on the following time table. The ticket costs 8.00 €. There is a ticket machine on the arrivals hall (on the right) which accepts major credit cards. Moreover the bus driver also accepts cash (but they don't accept bank notes of more than 20 €).

An alternative way to get from the Airport is to first go it to the Bilbao Bus Station. To do so take the bus line A3247 - Bilbao-Aireportua/Aeropuerto which departs from the arrivals hall, costs 3 € and takes you to the Bilbao Bus Station. This bus runs every 30 minutes from 6:00 to 8:00, and every 20 minutes from 08:00 to 24:00. The bus company running this service is Bizkaibus. There is a ticket booth on the arrivals hall (on the right) which provides the full timetable and ticket information.

From the Bilbao Bus Station, the bus line A3926 Bilbao - Ermua - Eibar (Autopista) takes you to Eibar. This bus line runs every hour from 6:40 to 21:40, Monday to Saturday, and 7:40 to 21:40 on Sundays. This bus costs 3,35 €. The bus company running this service is Bizkaibus.

It takes about 30 minutes by car to get to Eibar from here. Taxi fare: about 70€ - 80 €.

Vitoria-Gasteiz Airport (VIT)

The international airport located in Vitoria-Gasteiz has several low-cost lines run by Ryanair from Charleroi (Belgium), Cologne (Germany) or Milan (Italy). Please check Ryanair's website for details.

There is an specific bus line that departs from the airport after each flight and gets you to Vitoria Central Bus Station. The bus company running this service is Autobuses La Unión. The ride takes about 20 minutes and costs 3 €.

From the Central Bus Station bus line DG 05 - Vitoria/Gasteiz - Eibar takes you to Eibar city center every hour. The ride takes an hour and a half because it's not a direct service (it has several intermediate stops). The bus company running this service is LurraldeBus.

Donostia-San Sebastian Airport (EAS)

Small airport located in Hondarribia, next to the border between Spain and France. It's a very small airport that has several flights from/to Madrid and Barcelona.

We do not recommend to come through this airport because the way to Eibar is not as easy from here. You would need first get to Donostia-San Sebastian Central Bus Station using the E21 Aeropuerto San Sebastian - Hondarribia - Donostia (the bus stop is outside the airport, next to the main road after crossing the parking).

From Donostia the bus line DB 02 Donostia/San Sebastian - Eibar takes you to Eibar. The bus company running this service is LurraldeBus.

Biarritz Airport (BIQ)

Although located further than the previous EAS airport, it may be convenient when travelling from France. From Biarritz a bus line gets you to Donostia-San Sebastian Central Bus Station. This service is run by ALSA, it takes about 1 hour and costs 7 €.

From Donostia-San Sebastian, the bus line DB 02 Donostia/San Sebastian - Eibar takes you to Eibar. The bus company running this service is LurraldeBus. The ride takes about 1 hour.

Santander Airport

International Airport located in Santander which has several Ryanair lines. Check Ryanair website for details.

A bus line takes you from there to Bilbao Bus Station from where you can take a bus to get to Eibar (see information about coming from Bilbao)

By Train

Eibar is served by a regional train service (Euskotren) that connects it to Bilbao and Donostia-San Sebastian (1 h. 20 m. ride to each city). If you plan to use the spanish train service (RENFE), the best thing is to travel to either Bilbao, Donostia-San Sebastian or Vitoria and then take a bus from there to Eibar.

Some international travellers may find convenient to travel using french SNCF TGV services to Hendaye. From there, you have to get out the station and take the regional train service, located next to the french railways station, which will take you to Amara-Donostia-San Sebastian (40 minutes, 2,75 €). Once there you will need to board another train to Eibar (1h 20 m., 5,10 €)