How the Plone Foundation AI-team manages its websites with CI/CD

Track 2

"When Plone 6 was released at the end of 2022, we not only got a new CMS version, but the main website was also renewed to use Plone 6 with the Volto frontend. In the background we also switched the website to a container cluster and we introduced CI/CD from GitHub. The PloneConf 2023 wesite was also built using the experience gaind from automating the release process. The new Plone 6 releases are accompanied with official Plone images on and we are dogfooding these container images for our own websites. In this talk I will show what we have set up, how our configuration and GitHub workflows work and how we deploy and . I'll also show how we host and operate a small docker swarm cluster. Of couse the obligatory lessons learned section, improvements we want to make and most important, I want to show where the AI-team and Plone Foundation can use help from community members to support our websites and infrastructure in the future. "

Fred van Dijk