Learn Plone 6, for Content Editors and Managers


What you will learn

Plone comes with built-in tools to help you write, publish, and maintain your content.

During this introduction to Plone Classic and Volto, the new front end, you will learn to go beyond just writing a page or an event.

You will learn how to bulk upload media, how to use Collections to dynamically organize your content, and get introduced to the power of Content Rules that can automate advanced publishing strategies, send out notifications when content needs reviewing, and more.

You will also learn how staging and versioning works, how to re-arrange sections of your website and how to fully harness the power of tagging.

Use of a few very popular add-ons will also be covered to help with forms processing, and we will cover how to maintain content quality.



Things to bring

A laptop and your questions!


Kim Nguyen

Paul Roeland
T. Kim Nguyen